K'NAAN Slams Mitt Romney for Using His Song

K'naan Portrait - P 2012
Florian Seefried/Getty Images

K'naan Portrait - P 2012

UPDATED: The recording artist is not pleased that the Republican presidential hopeful hijacked his tune "Waving Flag" in a recent campaign speech, but says President Obama is free to use it "without prejudice."

Recording artist K’NAAN is slamming Mitt Romney over using the song “Waving Flag” in his campaign to earn the Republican presidential nomination. Romney played the song in his speech Tuesday evening following the Republican primary in Florida.

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In an official statement, K’NAAN revealed that he was previously unaware of the candidate’s usage of the song, and does not endorse Romney’s campaign. "I have not been asked for permission by Mitt Romney's campaign for the use of my song,” K’NAAN said. “If I had been asked, I would certainly not have granted it.”

K’NAAN also said that he would grant permission to the sitting president to use that song if asked. “I would happily grant the Obama campaign use of my song without prejudice."

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Editor's Note: A previous version of this story stated that K'NAAN had filed a lawsuit against Mitt Romney.