Kaia Gerber Humble Brags About Her Mom, Cindy Crawford

kaia gerber - P 2015
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kaia gerber - P 2015

The mother-daughter roles have been reversed.

According to the unwritten rules of the universe, it is the law that all mothers must brag about their children. What's a bit more unusual, however, is for a daughter to turn the tables and brag about her mother. 

Kaia Gerber, 14-year-old offspring of Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, flipped the script in a recent conversation with her mom for The Thick, in which she boasted about Crawford's status as high school valedictorian and how her writing prowess was finally able to be put to good use as she authored her new coffee table book, Becoming ($30), which was released Tuesday. 

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"I never thought you would actually do it," Gerber said of her mother's book plans for the book, " even though you’ve always been a talented writer. You were your high school valedictorian." Gerber continues, "People won’t only see your beauty, but your intelligence and positivity."

If you're thinking "too good to be true" — you're not alone. An incredulous Crawford asked her daughter, "Did I pay you for this?"

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Things did return to normal soon enough, with Crawford admitting that — like all moms — she sometimes mortifies her children. "I know you've been embarrassed when I use too many hashtags." #Guilty