Kanye West Analyzes Current State of Fashion in Latest Twitter Rant

Kanye West - H 2015
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Spoiler: He's not a fan of suit jackets.

Kanye West's analysis of the current state of fashion in 11 words: "Fake Fake Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake … just my analysis," he writes on Twitter.

In addition to this eye-opening piece of wisdom, West also weighed in on critics' reviews of his Yeezy pieces ("All these journalists can give their opinions well these are mine…yes I believe in my ripped homeless sweaters!!!"), Kim Kardashian West's influence on the industry ("I thank Olivier for designing his collection around my wife… this is visionary as I believe that Kim is our modern day everything,") and the relevance of suit jackets ("I don’t personally like suit jackets anymore") in his latest Twitter rant.

The barrage of Tweets comes on the final day of Paris Fashion Week, which 'Ye attended to show support for friends Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, Demna Gvasalia of Vetements and Balenciaga, and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain. Both Tisci and Rousteing have been credited for Kardashian West's rise to high-fashion icon status, helping to outfit the star for red-carpet occasions, street style — even her wedding.

Fashion's flavor of the month Gvasalia, whose work was critically hailed at fashion week but faced mixed reviews on social media, was in attendance at West's Yeezy Season 3 bonanza, and gave a shout-out to his pal with "I feel like Pablo" sweatshirts at this Vetements show.

These fashion friendships are something West doesn't take for granted, either. "The fashion world is sooooooo fake and Carine is one of the very few real people in fashion," he wrote mid-rant, referring to CR Fashion Book founder and editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfeld. "So many people turned on her when she was fired and acted like they forgot the innovation and beauty that she brought to the world…" he added, referring to rumors that she was fired from French Vogue.

Whereas much of the industry views the fashion business as just that — a business — West, on the other hand, views it as a much more personal matter. "If you wouldn’t invite me to your house then don’t invite me to your show," he writes, noting that he doesn't appreciate being "used" for publicity (likely one of the reasons he hid his face from cameras while sitting front row) and "to make your trend relevant."

The biggest takeaways? Designing for Yeezy (as Rousteing did) makes you a capital R, capital F "Real Friend" and West really doesn't like suit jackets: "I like T-shirts and women in yoga pants… I live in LA that’s what people wear… not sure why someone would put a suit jacket on with that."

See the rant below: