Kanye West Approves Cuts for 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian - Getty-H 2017
Jim Spellman/WireImage

In THR's cover story, Kim Kardashian reveals that she shows her husband cuts for his approval, that he used special cameras for the engagement episode and that he originally didn't want their kids to be filmed.

Kanye West gets to approve cuts of him in Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The rapper's wife, Kim Kardashian, says in The Hollywood Reporter's cover story that she shows West the cuts so he can give his OK.

"I will get it and show him. He knows that I'm really protective of him," she says, adding: "He doesn't like to film everything. It's not his show."

She makes a point not to talk about him while filming her E! reality show.

"I won't really ever talk about something that's going on with Kanye," she says. "I'll talk about my feelings about whatever is going on. I'm very respectful about how his filming is."

In fact, he at first didn't want to allow cameras to film their kids: daughter North, who turned 4 in June, and son Saint, who turns 2 in December.

"At the beginning, Kanye was like we're absolutely not going to show our kids," says Kardashian, who wed West in 2014. "That's just not what I want to do. But as time goes on, I want my kids there with me when I'm filming. If we're filming and they run in the room, I'm not going to stop the cameras."

Kardashian says that she and sister Kourtney Kardashian decide each season whether they are going to allow their kids to be filmed. Kourtney has three children with ex Scott Disick: sons Mason, 7, and Reign, 2, and daughter Penelope, 5.

"We're really cautious," she says. "Kourtney especially, sometimes her kids won't be on for the whole season. Every season is just up for debate and Kourtney and I decide together."

Meanwhile, West also asked the network to use special cameras to film the episode in which they got engaged. West proposed to Kardashian in front of their family and friends at San Francisco's AT&T Park, which he rented out.

"He knows I would have loved to have my engagement on camera so he filmed it and he said, 'I need these type of cameras, the look might be a little different because I want these red cameras,' or whatever they were," she says. "They listened and we loved it and then we got the music clearance and his music and it was this great episode."

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