Kanye West "Carpool Karaoke" Is Coming, James Corden Promises

Kanye West - Getty - H 2016
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Kanye West - Getty - H 2016

The 'Late Late Show' host says he's "working on" getting Beyonce to participate in the late-night program's famous segment.

James Corden is picking up a very famous passenger for an upcoming segment of The Late Late Show's "Carpool Karaoke." That's right: Kanye West will play hitchhiker and rap along with Corden as they drive around Los Angeles.

The news comes from Corden's recent interview with GQ, where he also revealed that West had canceled two previously scheduled appearances on the show.

"Kanye has been booked to do [it] twice now, but both times something came up," Corden said. "He'll do it eventually ... He wants to do it."

Corden also mentioned in the interview that "Carpool Karaoke's" proverbial white whale is, of course, Beyonce.

"It would break the internet," he said. "She's on tour right now. We're working on it."

The interview leaves a lot of questions unanswered: What is Kanye's go-to karaoke song? "Margaritaville"? "Not Ready to Make Nice"? Will Corden put on a Taylor Swift song? Inquiring minds would like to know.

This all comes after it was announced that Carpool Karaoke will spin off into its own Apple Music exclusive, with a host who isn't James Corden to be announced.

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