Late-Night Hosts Joke About Kanye West and Donald Trump Meeting

Courtesy of Comedy Central

"I'm happy you're talking about human tragedy and Imma let you finish, but we have one of the best news stories of all time," said Trevor Noah, mocking the media.

Donald Trump and Kanye West had a meeting at Trump Tower on Wednesday and gave the late-night hosts fodder for their Tuesday jokes.

Trevor Noah joked that Trump's people have "gold-plated" West's head already, highlighting the rapper's dyed hair and saying at least he hasn't gone "full Donald" yet.

The Daily Show host said that West tweeted "2024" after meeting with Trump, meaning he won't be campaigning against him in 2020. But for Noah, the news coverage of the meeting was far more entertaining than the meeting itself.

After playing clips of reporters speaking about real news and then being cut off to speak about the Kanye-Trump meet-up, Noah laughed and said, "The media is the best." He pretended to be a reporter pulling a West-Taylor Swift interrupting moment. "I'm happy you're talking about human tragedy and Imma let you finish but we have one of the best news stories of all time," he said. "Makes you wonder how America ended up electing a celebrity president when the media is so focused on the issues."

Stephen Colbert said Trump's and West's meeting was a security risk, because it meant putting the "two most powerful American narcissists in the same room."

He joked that for "security reasons" they had to move Shia LaBeouf to an undisclosed location.

Colbert also said he heard Trump and West plan on making an album together. "It's called 'The Deportation of Pablo.' "

James Corden was amused by Trump's "weird answer" to reporters who asked him and Kanye what they talked about. Trump replied: "Just friends, just friends, he's a good man."

"Just friends?" said Corden. "What happened in that apartment? Seriously, though, the only time you answer 'just friends' after leaving someone's place in the morning is when you definitely hooked up."

He then tried to find differences between West and Trump and ended up listing all of the ways they are similar — "crazy Twitter rants," claims that award shows are rigged, reality show stars, "fake-looking yellow hair" and being dismissed when they say they are running for POTUS.