Kanye West Is Under Police Investigation for Misdemeanor Assault (Report)

Kanye West City of Angels - H 2013

Kanye West City of Angels - H 2013

The singer reportedly attacked an 18-year-old man waiting inside a chiropractor's office today.

Kanye West is the subject of a misdemeanor assault investigation by the Beverly Hills Police Department, following an incident around 12.15 p.m. Monday.

West reportedly attacked an 18-year-old man while waiting in a chiropractor's office in Beverly Hills. 

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Kim Kardashian had arrived at the medical building alone but was swamped by photographers, reported TMZ; the man, while holding the door for Kardashian to enter the building, swore at the photographers using racial slurs.

The altercation occurred when Kardashian told him not to use those terms and he responded by allegedly saying, "F--- you, b----" and called her a "n----r lover," according to TMZ. She then called West on his cell; he rushed into the chiropractor's waiting room where the man was and allegedly punched him.

The singer was identified by the victim and witnesses, but had left the location on the 8800 block of Wilshire Boulevard prior to the police officers' arrival. The BHPD are conducting a follow-up investigation in regard to misdemeanor battery charges.

West is already due in court Jan. 23 with regard to a misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft case filed by a photographer last September after the pair got into a violent scuffle at LAX airport. 

A police spokesperson confirmed the investigation to The Hollywood Reporter

More to follow.