VIDEO: Kanye West, Pharrell Williams Perform at Cannes Party (Cannes)

Kanye West Cannes 2011
Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Jamie Foxx takes the stage for "Gold Digger," while Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper look on.

CANNES -- Kanye West played more than an hour-long set Saturday night at a Red Granite Pictures party in Cannes attended by Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper. Clad in a white suit, West kicked off the performance with a "What up France?" shoutout that was met with cheers, whistles and general hysteria.

The star quotient jumped to a higher level when Jamie Foxx took the stage for a duet of "Gold Digger" during a set that mixed hip-hop, R&B, and ballads.

Pharrell Williams opened the event with a 20-minute set introduced by a massive fireworks display.

The shindig, organized by new-to-the-scene movie financing group Red Granite, was an audacious hello to the movie industry and attracted a huge Saturday night crowd of gawkers outside of the event, straining to get a glimpse of the Carlton beach party situated opposite Cannes's landmark hotel.

STORY: Red Granite Boards Leonardo DiCaprio Wall Street Pic

Los Angeles-based Red Granite came on board the DiCaprio starrer The Wolf of Wall Street earlier during the festival.

Inside the great and good of the film industry, or at least those that were in Cannes, waited patiently for West's set whiling away the time eating pasta, sushi, high end pizza minibites, canapés of all shapes and sizes and miniature eclairs, sweet pastries and other assorted deserts. And the party was awash with booze although the vodka ran out, according to one disgruntled drinker.