Kanye West Says He's "Definitely" Running for President

AP Photo/Richard Drew
Kanye West

West talks his 2020 plans and calls Ben Carson "the most brilliant guy" in an interview with 'Vanity Fair.'

Kanye West "definitely" is running for president in 2020.

After an appearance at New York Fashion Week to debut the second season of his Yeezy clothing line, West reflected on his future moves, confirming he's still planning on running for president in an interview with Vanity Fair.

West stunned viewers during the 2015 MTV VMAs when he announced his 2020 run after receiving the Video Vanguard Award from Taylor Swift. The applause that erupted moments after his announcement was something unusual for the artist, who has been the butt of jokes since he stole the microphone from Swift six years ago during his infamous VMAs incident.

"And then as soon as I said that, it was like, 'Wait a second, we would really be into that because actually if you think about it, he’s extremely thoughtful,' " said West of the moment he announced his intention to run.

West added that, as the idea of running for office is starting to set in, he feels he has to grow up and become the son that's the product of his parents: his father, who has two masters degrees, and his mother, who holds a Ph.D.

"I sit in clubs, and I’m like, 'Wow, I’ve got five years before I go and run for office, and I’ve got a lot of research to do — I’ve got a lot of growing up to do.' "

West also revealed he's been trying to get on the phone with Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson.

"As soon as I heard [Ben] Carson speak, I tried for three weeks to get on the phone with him," said West. "I was like, 'This is the most brilliant guy.' And I think all the people running right now have something that each of the others needs. But the idea of this separation and this gladiator battle takes away from the main focus that the world needs help, and the world needs all the people in a position of power or influence to come together."

With West already brainstorming about the next season of his clothing line and a new album, tentatively titled Swish, that is yet to be released, West believes that his candidacy could work hand-in-hand with his creative ability, rather than causing him to put his other projects on hold.

"This is my theory: I think the world can be helped through design, so it’s very important that I stay around creative, forward thinkers. It’s very important that I continue to design, to be in practice of trying to make the best decisions possible," said West. "I hate politics. I’m not a politician at all. I care about the truth, and I just care about human beings. I just want everyone to win, that’s all I can say."