8 Times Wiz Khalifa Wore Cool Pants

Wiz Khalifa - H 2016
Getty Images

Wiz Khalifa - H 2016

It's cool, Kanye. We get it.

It was the Twitter rant heard 'round the Internet. Not long after announcing the new title (for now) for his album, Waves, Kanye West went on a lengthy tirade against Wiz Khalifa. In a series of tweets sent between each rapper, Yeezy wrote at one point, "I went to look at your twitter and you were wearing cool pants" and "I screen grabbed those pants and sent it to my style team #Wizwearscoolpants." (Both tweets have since been deleted.)

Being the genius that he is, 'Ye had a good point. So, we decided to do a little research ourselves and discovered that Wiz Khalifa does, in fact, wear "cool pants."

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Here, a look at the times the "See You Again" rapper stood out with his bottoms.

The studded pants that may have started it out. The rapper most recently tweeted, "Sundance and such," with an accompanying photo that showed off said bottoms — likely the pair of pants that Kanye called "cool."

Why stick with a black suit when a matching dark maroon blazer and fitted trousers are a red-carpet option?

The performer takes ripped jeans to the next level. And we ain't mad about it.

Want to stand out on the carpet? Take a sartorial cue from Wiz's striped pants. (Or you could always do the all-white like his adorable son.)

Not everyone can pull off slimming white ripped pants, but Wiz just makes it work.

Polka-dot pants are the ultimate way to make a fashion statement.

Red, white and blue for the win.

Tapered black pants fit for every occasion.