Kanye West's Coachella Performance: Rated by Critics

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The rapper "blew the doors off" the music fest, they agree.

Kanye West closed the Coachella Music Festival with a performance that blew away critics and fans alike.

"West delivered a grandiose, theatrical performance destined to be remembered as one of the great hip-hop sets of all time," writes Jeff Miller in The Hollywood Reporter of West, who started just 15 minutes late, and landed on stage via a crane.

"Every moment of the carefully-choreographed set was larger than life, beginning with West's entrance. He rose above the audience via an enormous crane that swung him over nearly the entirety of the main stage's gigantic swath of real estate while blasting through 'Dark Fantasy,'" Miller describes.

"The high-intensity start was followed by a run-through of nearly all of West's hits ("Stronger," "Gold Digger," "Through The Wire") divided into a cinematic, three-part arc that was mostly special-guest free and hit surprising emotional resonance mid-set, when West declared his Coachella performance the most important to him since his mother's unexpected death in 2007. The heft of that statement carried through the performance's end, when West nearly teared up during the poignant "Hey, Mama," adds Miller.

CBS News says West "blew the doors off" Coachella by "performing his biggest hits to an appreciative crowd."

MTV News says the rapper "slayed" Coachella.

"In what is sure to go down as one of the most memorable performances in Coachella history, Kanye West only disappointed anyone who was expecting the controversial MC to phone in his festival-ending set Sunday night," wrote the site's Mary J. DiMeglio.

The Los Angeles Times' Todd Martens writes, "As entertainment, West's set was captivating, a festival performance unlike any other, and one that often showcased the artist and the artist alone on a minimal stage."