Kanye West's Love Song to Kim Kardashian Leaks: "Baby You're Awesome ... I'm Awesome Also"

Kanye's Staff Dress Code

If you work for Kanye West, you have to dress like he does. The aesthetics-driven rapper, whose collaborative album "Cruel Summer" drops Sept. 18, decrees that his whole entourage gets kitted out in designer duds in his favored color, black. Pictured, West with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Kanye's tune is also a love song to himself, because of course it is.

Kanye West's rumored ode to Kim Kardashian has finally surfaced online.

The heavily auto-tuned love song "Awesome" dropped overnight, some two years after Kanye first performed it at the 2013 Met Gala.

Early social media feedback would suggest the recording is anything but awesome. Kanye doesn't do himself any favors with a hatful of corny lyrics, and the vocals are so overproduced, all traces of 'Ye have been stripped out. One of the most memorable lines goes like this: "Cause baby you're awesome, so awesome / you look too good to be at work / you feel too good to ever hurt / I hope you ready for tonight / I'm gonna cook, you'll be dessert." Oh, and West calls himself "awesome" a few times, just to prove his legendary ego is still very much intact.

Kanye has been hard at work promoting his upcoming new album, So Help Me God. His recent schedule has included performances at the Grammys and the Brit Awards, he's worked it for talk shows in the U.K. and Europe, and he delivered a 20-minute-long speech at England's Oxford University. It's unclear if "Awesome" will make the cut.

Listen to the track here.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com