'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Talks New Season, Dream Guest Star

One of the stars of the Netflix hit reboot also discussed season three, calling it "one of the most exceptional seasons thus far."

Season three of Netflix's hit reality series Queer Eye made its debut on the streaming platform on Friday, and one-fifth of the Fab 5, Karamo Brown, told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio that the new season is "one of the most exceptional seasons thus far."

"When we met a year ago, we were strangers, we had a lot of people telling us how to do our categories, and this time around, we are all so confident," Brown explained. "I am giving full therapy sessions, Jonathan [Van Ness] is giving you full fabulousness, Antoni [Porowski] is giving you full smolder and great meals, the makeovers Bobby [Berk] does are out of this world."

He continued: "We're all just so confident about who we are and as a team, and it's great. It’s half women, half men, we have our first lesbian. I mean, it's just great all around."

Brown, a licensed social worker and psychotherapist for 12 years before venturing into television, is the show's resident culture and lifestyle expert. But as he told THR, his role throughout the series evolved to focus more on mental health.

"They've seen how the audience loves that I'm focusing on mental health, they love that I am talking about the emotional stuff and they have went fully full with it,” he said. “So you see a lot of that evolution. They still won't change the title from culture to life coach or therapist, but I'm working on them."

While the Fab 5 set their focus on community heroes in Georgia and Missouri, Brown revealed to THR who would be his dream Queer Eye cameo – President Barack Obama.

"I've worked with him now twice in the past month and a half because he's invited me to work with the Obama Foundation, and also My Brother's Keeper Alliance, and he said that he's a big fan, the girls are fans of the show, and I'm like, 'We would love to have you come on,'" Brown said. "I think it'd be exceptional to walk in and we'll keep the politics out of it. Just saying, 'This is how I kept a beautiful family, kept scandal-free.' A lot of people can learn from that."

Watch the video above to hear Brown also discuss his new memoir Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope, wanting to end mental health stigma and more.