TV Anchor Opens Up About Kardashian Rant: "We'll Do More Kardashian Stories, If They Make News"

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"Why someone feels the need to put them in the news and in the paper every single day — I don’t get it."

The news anchor who went viral after he ranted against the Kardashians and walked off set in protest is explaining his actions.

On Wednesday, Good Day Orlando host John Brown sat down with his co-host Amy Kaufeldt to talk about the incident. Haid he is "very sarcastic" and although he stands by what he said about refusing to report on Kylie Jenner's rabbit, he "wasn't angry."

“My issue isn’t with the Kardashians,” said the TV anchor. “I don’t have a problem with them at all, I’ve never seen the show. My issue is from the media standpoint, we feel like the public wants to hear it. The public hears it so much about it that they think the media is going to give more and it’s this huge cycle.” Brown added, "What we're finding out is maybe that's not right."

During his big rant, Brown yelled that he is "sick of this family" and said Kylie Jenner naming her rabbit "Bruce" was "a non-story." He said, "We’re talking about the family every freakin’ day on this show. Nobody cares about this family anymore! I've had enough."

On Wednesday, Brown said he thinks the #NoKardashiansForAWeek campaign is silly, reiterating what he recently tweeted: "Why don't we only cover them if they make actual news?"

“Why everybody feels the need to put them somewhere in the news and in the paper every single day — I don’t get it," he said.

That doesn't mean Good Day Orlando is going to stop covering the family. "We'll do more Kardashian stories, if they make news. But just to do it because, well, they named a rabbit," said Brown, trailing off before throwing his hands up in the air.

Watch his explanation below.

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