Kareem Abdul-Jabar on Donald Trump's Counterpunch: "The Bully Proves My Point"

Kareem Abdul-Jabar and Donald Trump - Split 2015
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"Now I know why the press always treated you so badly — they couldn’t stand you," Trump wrote Abdul-Jabar in response to the NBA star's scathing column about his approach to his critics.

Kareem Abdul-Jabar and Donald Trump are in a war of words. On Sept. 2, Abdul-Jabar kicked things off with an essay in The Washington Post titled "This is the difference between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders" which slammed Trump's attempts "to bully the press to silence criticism of him" as "anti-American." In the piece Abdul-Jabar highlights the different approaches that Sanders and Trump have taken to handling their critics.

Trump fired back the same day, handwriting his response to the op-ed in all caps over the text itself:

Dear Kareem,
Now I know why the press always treated you so badly — they couldn’t stand you. The fact is that you don’t have a clue about life and what has to be done to make America great again!

Best wishes,
Donald Trump

I guess Mr. Trump didn't like my article https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/09/02/heres-how-donald-trump-responded-to-my-essay-about-him/

Posted by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Abdul-Jabar seemed to draw the skirmish to a close — for now — with a short response in the Post with the tagline, "The bully proves my point." In it Abdul-Jabar posted an image of Trump's written words, claiming that the "inelegant" and "nasty" response itself is proof enough of his initial claims about the Republican frontrunner.

"Trump’s response to my piece is the best, though inelegant, support for my claims." Abdul-Jabar wrote."Here again, he attacks a journalist who disagrees with him, not by disputing the points made but by hurling schoolyard insults such as "nobody likes you."