Karen Walton to Adapt Canadian 'Ava Lee' Crime Novels For Big Screen

Strada Films is looking to create a film franchise based on the Ian Hamilton book series that has sold widely internationally.

TORONTO - Karen Walton has been tapped by Strada Films to turn the Ava Lee crime novel series by Canadian writer Ian Hamilton into possibly the next The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo book to screen adaptation.

The Canadian producer has chosen Hamilton’s debut Ava Lee book, The Water Rat of Wanchai, as the first film in a possible franchise.

Walton has been charged with transporting Ava Lee, a fictional Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant character to the big screen as a globe-trotter who uses unorthodox methods to recover multi-million debts for her clients.

Her fictional partner is an elderly Hong Kong–based “uncle” with seeming ties to the Triads.

Sandra Cunningham and Robin Cass will produce for Strada Films.