Kari Skogland to direct 'Beslan'

Film tells story of Russia school siege

LONDON -- Kari Skogland is lined up to direct "Beslan," a movie based on the infamous school siege in North Ossetia, Russia, in 2004.

Skogland, who shot to prominence with IRA drama "Fifty Dead Men Walking," is set to direct from a script penned by James W. Mitchell.

The movie is being produced by U.K. based production banner Firefly and is based on the 2004 incident that saw armed terrorists take over 1,300 men, women and children hostage at School Number One. Three hundred were killed by the end of the siege.

Produced by Firefly's Matthew Hobbs the project is scheduled to shoot in the fall in Eastern Europe, Hobbs said.

Skogland is repped by WME and Ralph Zimmerman.