Karl Lagerfeld and Cat Choupette Get Animated for Capsule Collection

Courtesy of Stylebop

Artist Tiffany Cooper illustrated the dynamic duo's imagined "summer road trip" for Lagerfeld's eponymous label. (And the world's richest cat gets a little richer.)

If you've ever wondered what Karl Lagerfeld and his 3-million-euro-earning cat, Miss Choupette Lagerfeld, would look like in hula skirt, look no further. French artist Tiffany Cooper has illustrated the fabulous duo grooving in grass skirts as part of a Karl and Choupette-themed capsule collection of tees, sweatshirts and accessories for Lagerfeld's namesake brand. 

Cooper, an artist and author whose quirky fashion illustrations also include "Zorro & Voltaire" and "CATrrell Williams" spoofs, was inspired by the duo's infamous inseparable bond to create a collection of humorous scenes depicting Lagerfeld, in his signature shades and head-to-toe black, and Choupette participating in "summer road trip" activities,  such as camping, eating ice cream and simply basking in each other's company. Basically, everything we imagine the pair to be doing when they aren't busy running a fashion empire (Karl) or getting pampered by maids (Choupette). 

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Like the memorable Fendi keychain in his likeness, the collection shows Lagerfeld's sense of humor and good-natured ability to poke fun at his iconic image. It's a good thing too, considering Cooper has also illustrated brilliant mock movie posters including "Breakfast at Karl's" and "Karl Bond." 

The line, priced between $50 to $200, debuts in Paris on April 1, and will be available online at StyleBop.com and in Karl Lagerfeld boutiques beginning April 4. 


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A photo posted by Tiffany Cooper (@tiffanycooper_) on