Karl Lagerfeld Designing New Makeup Collection for Shu Uemura

Chanel's designer steps out from behind the tweed jacket to create a palette of new makeup for the Japanese beauty brand.

Karl Lagerfeld is everywhere -- from designing Drew Barrymore's beautiful Chanel couture wedding gown to showing up at Cannes' amfAR ball with Karine Roitfeld, to hosting an art opening for his new New York exhibition The Little Black Jacket last week -- and yes, he's an established photographer, too. And what is the man doing in his spare time as he preps July's new Chanel couture fashion show in Paris? He's designing an aesthetic new line of cosmetics.

But, contrary to what one would think, they are not for Chanel. Lagerfeld is designing the holiday makeup palette for Japanese beauty brand Shu Uemura. Turns out that for twenty years he's been adding the color to his fashion sketches with Shu Uemura products, not with regular art supplies. Quirky? Sure -- and expensive, too.

All we know now is it's a 17-piece collection that will be out in stores (we don't know exactly which stores, but Barneys carries Shu Uemura) in November. And in fact, Lagerfeld has already shot the ad campaign for it. We know Karl's taste in clothes well -- feminine, focused, grown up, a combination of frilly and edgy. What will his makeup sense be? Interesting, for sure. What does Chanel think of Karl stepping out? Obviously enough not to stop him from going off on a colorful new limb.