Karl Lagerfeld Says He Doesn't "Do Internet"

Karl Lagerfeld - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2019- Getty-H 2018
Dominique Charriau/WireImage

The Chanel and Fendi designer revealed in a new interview why he doesn’t like logging into social media.

Karl Lagerfled has no time for modern technology.

The famed 85-year-old fashion designer — who currently serves as the head of both Chanel and Fendi — revealed in a new interview with The Cut that although he thinks social media is "great," he refrains from engaging in Instagram, Twitter and the like. 

"I think it’s great, but I have assistants who inform me [about] what I have not seen," said the German-born cat dad of Choupette. "Personally, I have no time."

Added Lagerfeld, "I don’t do internet, I don’t do Facebook. I have to sketch, I have to play with Choupette, I have to sleep. The day is too short for that."

The creative director went on to say that he is so apathetic about anything cyber-related that he is completely unaware of Chanel's formidable Instagram presence and the brand's more than 30 million followers. Said Lagerfeld, "I don't even know how it looks."

Elsewhere in his chat with The Cut, Lagerfeld opened up about his love of private jets. Although, he admitted that flying private can be a "nightmare" if you invite too many people on board.

"You know, the problem with private jets is that even if you have a big one, if you have many people [aboard], then it is a nightmare. More than three or four, forget about it. I remember I came back from Moscow and brought all my assistants. It was the worst flight, because they asked for drinks and this and that," recounted Lagerfeld, who estimated it's been "20 years" since he's flown commercial. "I like to sleep in planes. Or I close my eyes and clean my brain."

Lagerfeld also told the publication that he no longer drives, as he previously fell asleep twice at the wheel and crashed his car. "It's a miracle that I'm still alive, but I never touched a wheel again," he said.

"You know, as a child I was told by my mother, 'You must learn nothing. You always have to depend on people, because then you have to make an effort to have the money that they will do it for you,'" Lagerfeld continued, adding that he doesn't know how to cook or make a bed. "I only know sketching and talking and making collections."