Karl Lagerfeld to voice 'Totally Spies'

Animated action film based on French TV series

PARIS -- French animated movie "Totally Spies" will get a designer makeover with fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld set to lend his voice to the film, the film's producer Marathon Media confirmed Wednesday.

Pascal Jardin's animated action film based on the hit TV series will feature Lagerfeld as the story's "bad guy," Fabu. "Spies" will mark the first time Lagerfeld has lent his voice to an animated title, though Lagerfeld's fashion line Chanel has been ubiquitous on the big screen recently from Jan Kounen's Festival de Cannes closing-night title "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky" to Anne Fontaine's Audrey Tautou starrer "Coco Before Chanel," which will be released stateside in September.

"Spies" is co-produced by Marathon Media alongside France Telecom co-financing powerhouse Studio 37 and Italian shingle Mikado. The 8 million ($11.3 million) film will hit Gallic screens on July 22 via Mars Distribution.

"Spies" is set for a spin around the world, with Marathon inking sales in major territories including Switzerland (World Dream), Australia (Rialto), Mexico (Gussi), Benelux (Les Films d'Elysees), Eastern Europe (SPI) and is in negotiations for sales to the U.K., Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Greece and Spain.