Ashely Judd Fires Back After Being Slammed by Karl Rove's Conservative Group

Ashley Judd Paley - P 2013
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Ashley Judd Paley - P 2013

The actress, who is mulling a run for a senate seat from her native Kentucky, has been the subject of blistering criticism from GOP-aligned political groups.

If and when Ashley Judd decides to mount a run for the U.S. senate, she'll already be well-versed in the language of political attack ads.

The veteran actress has been mulling a 2014 run for GOP senate minority leader Mitch McConnell's seat in Kentucky, and in preparation for her possible entry into the race, conservative operative Karl Rove and his American Crossroads are working to paint her as an out-of-touch liberal who has abandoned the state.

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In a new ad, the group attacks Judd's residency in Tennessee and allegiance to President Barack Obama.

"Her own grandmother says she's a Hollywood liberal," a foreboding voiceover warns. "Isn't that exactly what we need? Ashley Judd, an Obama-following, radical, Hollywood liberal, who's right at home here in Tennessee. I mean, Kentucky."

The video features various clips of Judd speaking about her support for Obama, as well as out of context quotes from various interviews and speeches. The video will circulate on the web as part of a $10,000 ad buy against the actress.

Judd's publicist shot back in a statement to the Washington Post, saying, "Ashley thanks Senator McConnell, Karl Rove and their negative allies for all the attention as she considers her future political plans, although a decision hasn’t been made yet."