Karlie Kloss Is the Face of Topshop (Again)

AP Images
Karlie Kloss

Eight years after her first gig with the brand, the supermodel makes her return.

Just when you thought that Karlie Kloss and Topshop were never, ever, ever getting back together (to borrow a line from the supermodel's bestie Taylor Swift), the 23-year-old NYU student is back as the face of the British retailer eight years after her first campaign with the brand. 

The Kode With Karlie founder tells the label of her first Topshop experience: "My grandmother brought me over from St. Louis. I was young and shy and super nervous to be on set of Topshop. Luckily I was shooting with Jourdan Dunn and we became overnight best friends. I think she had me in stitches the whole time we were shooting.”

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Ever since, the brand's infatuation with Kloss has been anything but secret. In fact, they not only enlisted her as the model of the spring collection but also encouraged customers to make their New Year's resolution to "Be More Karlie in 2016."

Aside from growing six inches overnight and suddenly becoming inhumanly beautiful, Topshop put together a list of some attainable ways to "Be More Karlie." In just 10 easy steps — which include "be smart," "be healthy" and, obviously, "be Topshop" — you, too, can be more like the Diane von Furstenberg muse. Because that's what we all really want, right?