This Is the One Look that Almost Didn't Make It Into Chic's 'I'll Be There' Video

Karlie Kloss Nile Rogers - P 2015
AP Images

Karlie Kloss Nile Rogers - P 2015

Brandon Maxwell, who styled the music video, gives us the deets in dressing Karlie Kloss and Nile Rodgers.

When Chic's new video for "I'll Be There" — starring the band's frontman, Nile Rodgers, and supermodel Karlie Kloss — premiered last Friday, it definitely made us smile to see disco return. But what got us even more excited were the retro looks.

Styled by Lady Gaga's stylist Brandon Maxwell (No. 12 on THR's 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood list), the video sees Kloss jamming out to the track in a cropped red sweater and knee-high socks ("A Flashdance reference," said Maxwell) and a pearl-encrusted dress by Adam Selman. Another standout look from the music video? The white Versace jumpsuit seen on Kloss when she gets down with the band at a party that was actually held during September's New York Fashion Week.

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"I had seen her come down the runway in Paris and seen her at a party that night, wearing the jumpsuit and dancing around and flipping her hair everywhere, so as soon as we got those references for the video, I knew we had to have that exact jumpsuit by Versace," said Maxwell, after learning about directors Inez and Vinoodh's concept for the video.

For Rodgers and his bandmembers, the power stylist "was inspired by their performances on Soul Train." More importantly, Maxwell noted that Rodgers wanted to make sure his group had their shining moment onstage. "For him, it was just important that everyone onstage felt special and beautiful. He really wanted them to feel great," said Maxwell. While Rodgers sported a vintage jacket, the girls wore gilded frocks and the band donned hand-painted suits.

While all the looks came together, that wasn't necessarily the case prior to shooting the video.

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"That [Versace] jumpsuit almost didn't make it so we were counting down, checking every five minutes to see if it was coming. It ended up getting stuck because of the snow storm, so it was delayed on a flight," recalled Maxwell, who got his very first job from Inez and Vinoodh years ago, working on an editorial shoot with them. "We all thought it wasn't going to make it. But then it did because it was meant to be." Phew, thank goodness.