Kat Von D, Jesse James Split: Fans React

John M. Heller/Getty Images

The "Monster Garage" star blamed the split on the couple's long-distance relationship.

Fan reaction to Jesse James and Kat Von D's break-up seems to be in favor of...Sandra Bullock. Bullock and James divorced shortly before he and tattoo artist Von D got together, and Twitter is ripe with commentary in support of the Blind Side star, whose birthday is Tuesday.

nobrendan wrote, "Jesse James and Kat Von D split on Sandra Bullock's birthday? America's Sweetheart wins again!"

SummaLynn: "Kat Von D and Jesse James called off their engagement...Today is Sandra Bullock's Bday. Just sayin"

NagativeNatalie: "yup - i can still hear sandra bullock laughing."

James, who lives outside of Austin, Texas, says the split was due to his long-distance relationship with Von D, Los Angeles resident and star of L.A. Ink. The two started dating last summer and became engaged in January. They were planning a summer wedding.

News of the split elicited mostly negative comments about James and Von D in general:

Mypinkcure: "oooooh kat von d burned by her traitorous disgusting manchild fiance!"

LonelyTailgater: You in the market for raspy voiced chicks with neck tats and yet to be identified VD's? Rejoice, Kat Von D is back on the market.

crazybluebunny: "Kat Von D's body is a temple for all her exes faces. She has her ex-husband's face on her thigh and now Jessie James face under her arm."

Imoteda: "so Jesse James and Kat Von D broke up. Guess being so much better in bed than S. Bullock didn't change the fact that they are idiots."

tankboy, "First J. Lo and Marc, now Kat Von D and Jesse James? Why can't douchebags just find true love?"

themoonspinner: AOL: "Jesse James and Kat Von D Have Split"... they couldn't agree on who got to be Hitler for Halloween."

SnarkysMachine, "In absence of lucrative reality show deals and the spotlight Jesse James and Kat Von D call off wedding"

The Office star Rainn Wilson weighed in with a comic response: "I wonder if Kat Von D can remove my 'Kat + Jesse = Tru Luv 4 Evah!' tattoo. Also my little kid with pants down peeing tattoo."