'Kate Plus 8' Cancellation Sparks Internet Frenzy

"Kate Plus 8"

"I am so sad to hear that the show is over after this season," tweets one fan, while a Facebook commenter writes, "thank goodness!!!!!!! let them children be children!!!!"

News of TLC's decision to cancel Kate Plus 8 sparked passionate reactions on the Internet from both fans and non-fans alike.

While star Kate Gosselin tweeted that she was looking at the positive side and future challenges, the show's fans seemed to be having a harder time embracing the news, tweeting supportive messages directly to Gosselin.

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Here are a few:

Dear @Kateplusmy8, I am so sad to hear that the show is over after this season. Your show has been the best! I feel like I'm a Gosselin now!

@Kateplusmy8 KATE+8 IS OVER?! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! i remember watching Surviving Sextuplets and Twins! TV will never be the same :( ♥

Sarah Joyce
@Kateplusmy8 we are all allowed to be sad today because something we all loved has been taken away from us! :( Hope you guys are ok! :)

@Kateplusmy8 tell your kids just because the filming is gone your fans will be here forever.. i fell in love with your family not a show xox

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Nora Nemes
@Kateplusmy8 What?! Kate, your show is ending?? Nooo, it can not be true!! Is somewhere a petition, what I can sign?- Kissis from Hungary :*

Ellie W
@Kateplusmy8 I'm going to miss the show so much. Thank you for sharing the past 6 years of your life with us <3

@Kateplusmy8 good run Kate, change is good, maybe even better things coming your way. Stay focused. My request....a cook book!! :-) XO

@Kateplusmy8 Will miss u & beautiful kids! You're a strong, amazing woman! People who judge have never walked in your shoes. Best wishes!

But for every fan, there seemed to be many more nonfans who applauded the news:

Weeds writer Stephen Falk
New show title: Kate Plus 8 Years Until The First Of Those Kids Is Arrested.

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Comedian  Anthony Jeselnik
I always wanted Kate Plus 8 to end. But not like this. Not without a fire.

Andy Borowitz of satirical political website the Borowitz Report
The cancellation of Kate Plus 8 means Kate is now free to pursue her destiny as the Republican presidential nominee.

Mark Campbell
TLC cancels Kate Plus 8. It's good news for us, but those eight kids are still stuck with Kate.

DJ Joe Hollywood
Good news for her children is TLC's Kate Plus 8 is canceled. Bad news for her children is they still have her as a Mom.

Cancelled- Kate Plus 8 ✔ ❒ 16 & Pregnant - In progress

Betty F*ckin' White (not affiliated with Betty White)
TLC cancelled 'Kate Plus 8'. Now where we will we get all our self-serving exploitative parenting tips?! Does the Octomom Have a show yet?

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Diana L. Santiago
Next, can we get rid of the freaking Toddlers and Tiaras [another TLC show], please?

The news also sparked a slew of comments -- mostly negative toward Gosselin -- on The Hollywood Reporter's Facebook page, ranging from "finally" to "fantastic" to "good to hear" to "THANK GOD!!!"

Other comments included:

Tinashe Nyatanga
Watch Bravo pick up "8" when they are teens

Torch Harrison
Hey Kate! Your 15 minutes of fame is OVER!

Joey Cosentino
Now if only MTV will drop Snooki and her trashy ignorant cohorts! Their fifteen minutes is just about up!

Michelle CaramelPrincess Wright
thank goodness!!!!!!! let them children be children!!!!