Kate Beckinsale Explains How She Reenacted 'Serendipity' Elevator Scene With Hotel Employee

"John Cusack should watch out, 'cause he crushed it," the actress said of the hotel bellhop who joined her in the reenactment during her appearance on 'The Tonight Show' on Wednesday.

Kate Beckinsale took a walk down memory lane when she visited NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

The actress explained how she reenacted a memorable scene from her 2001 romantic comedy Serendipity when she visited the same hotel it was filmed at in 2018. Beckinsale starred in the film as Sara, a woman that falls in love with Jonathan (John Cusack) over the course of a night. As Sara and Jonathan prepare to marry other people 10 years later, they set out to find each other.

"I was at the Toronto Film Festival. I hate to ruin it for everybody, but some of Serendipity was not shot in New York. First of all, it was August and we were pretending it was Christmas and ice skating, so we were sweating," she explained. "And then the insides were mostly in Toronto."

Beckinsale explained that she was rushing out of her hotel in Toronto at the end of the film festival when she realized that she recognized the elevator she was in. "I found myself in the elevator going, 'Wait a second. I've been in this elevator before. This elevator's very familiar,'" the actress recalled. "Which never happens. I'm not constantly saying that in elevators."

Beckinsale explained that the "romantic" scene in the elevator took place shortly after Sara and Jonathan meet. Sara suggests that they each go into separate elevators and if they end up on the same floor, it was fate telling them they should be together.

"Which is such a load of shit. I can't even imagine," the actress said about the scene. "What a terrible idea, really."

"But anyway, I realized it was that and I go, 'Oh, even though I'm late for the airport, I'd love to reenact this.' And the only person there was this porter who had our luggage who had never seen the movie or knew anything about me at all," she said. "I just said, 'Look, could you just say this?' and he said, 'Absolutely not.'"

She eventually convinced the employee to participate in the reenactment. "He was a real sport in the end and he actually did it," she said. "John Cusack should watch out, 'cause he crushed it."

Host Jimmy Fallon then shared the clip, which she originally posted on Instagram. In the clip, Beckinsale explains that they will go in different elevators and randomly select a floor. The porter responds, "I don't understand what you're saying."

Beckinsale told the porter to have faith and they if they are meant to be, they'll end up on the same floor. "Stop bothering me. I gotta work," he said. "I'm gonna call my manager."

Watch the full clip below.