Diane Sawyer Previews Kate del Castillo's First On-Air Interview About El Chapo

Kate del Castillo on ABC — H 2016
ABC News/Diane Sawyer

The actress admits she's angry about how everything played out with Sean Penn.

Kate del Castillo is speaking out about Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and Sean Penn for her first on-air interview. ABC's Diane Sawyer scored the coveted television interview with the Mexican actress at the center of the controversial story, and Sawyer previewed her interview on Friday's Good Morning America.

"This is one of the wildest stories I've ever covered," Sawyer told Robin Roberts.

In her interview with del Castillo, the actress talks about El Chapo's "crush" on her, saying he probably liked her popular telenovela character Teresa Mendoza, a drug trafficker on La Reina del Sur. She recounts her story of first connecting with El Chapo, which she previously spoke about in The New Yorker, and describes a moment she spoke bluntly to him, one-on-one.

"My heart started pounding," del Castillo said of her encounter with him. She said she told him, "You're a powerful man, you can do something good."

Sawyer also asked del Castillo about how she connected Penn with El Chapo, and whether she's upset that Penn used this meeting for a Rolling Stone interview. Del Castillo maintains she thought Penn was interested in El Chapo because he wanted to help her with a film she was working on about his life.

The actress said she is "a little bit" angry at Penn and feels hurt by how the situation unfolded. "I think he was never interested in the movie," said del Castillo, adding she is also angry at herself for trusting Penn. 

In her conversation with Roberts, Sawyer pointed out that Penn's version of events is very different from del Castillo's story. The actress is currently being investigated by Mexican authorities for possible money laundering in connection with the interactions.

"For now, in the eyes of everybody, I'm guilty. You know, because they've been manipulating all this info," she Castillo told Sawyer.

The interview airs tonight, March 18, at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on 20/20 on ABC.

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