Kate Gosselin Defends 'Slanted Eyes' Photo: 'I Married an Asian'

Kate Gosselin Website Screen Grab - H 2013

Kate Gosselin Website Screen Grab - H 2013

“I’m the last person that could be called racist,” says the 38-year-old mother of eight.

Kate Gosselin is firing back at critics who say a recently unearthed photo, in which the former reality star is seen wearing a black wig and slanting her eyes, is racist.

“I married an Asian. I have eight biracial children,” the former reality star writes on her blog. “I’m quite certain that I’m the last person that could be called racist.”

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Gosselin recalls the moment that the photo in question was taken, saying that she and her then-husband Jon were taking turns wearing a “plastic Asian dress up wig” that had been sent to them by a fan.

“Naturally,  I ‘slanted’ my eyes to show him my best Asian impression, which made him smile,” she writes.

“A common topic of our show was ‘everybody’s Asian' – except mommy, so a thoughtful fan figured she’d help me look Asian too,” Gosselin continues. “It’s normal to talk about and even ‘exaggerate’ the feature differences between family members of a biracial family as they are noticed by curious growing children within the family.

“These types of discoveries and at home discussions are a normal part of being a loving an accepting biracial family and it does not make any of us prejudice,”she adds.

Gosselin describes the private moment as “a happy time for me and Jon,” who have since divorced. The couple together has eight children and were featured on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 (late renamed Kate Plus 8) for several seasons.