Kate Gosselin Jokes About 'Kate Plus 8' Pizza Freakout


When fans mock her on Twitter, she writes, "I like it... Humor made from sticky/uncomfortable situations!!:)"

Looks like Kate Gosselin has a sense of humor.

The Kate Plus 8 star was  mocked by Anderson Cooper for taking the last slice of pizza away from her kids for her bodyguard and angrily  yelling at them about it -- causing fans to also criticize her on Twitter.

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 Wrote @SuperPattyPie: " Kate I don't want to alarm you but I ate pizza with my hands for dinner. I was going to use my feet but …." referring to Gosselin sniping after her daughter handed her a slice of pizza with her bare hands instead of using aluminum foil.

Gosselin wasn't offended, writing her back, "@SuperPattyPie is that a pizza crack? I like it... Humor made from sticky/uncomfortable situations!!:)"

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The last episode of Kate Plus 8 airs on TLC next week.

"I'm freaking out. Big time," she tells People magazine. "I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next."

She has promised her kids that their lives won't change sans her reality TV paycheck.

"I told them I will work my fingers to the bone to make sure that they can stay here and go to their school," she says. "There are no guarantees in life for anyone, but they know that I'm giving it my best shot."