Kate Gosselin Responds to Justin Bieber's Look-Alike Haircut

Kate Gosselin and Justin Bieber Split - H 2015
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Kate Gosselin and Justin Bieber Split - H 2015

She says he can have it.

Justin Bieber managed to steal a significant amount of attention at Sunday’s VMAs from host Miley Cyrus with his post-performance crying and his Kate Gosselin-circa-2009 haircut. And about the latter — which we don’t know who should be more insulted by — Gosselin is now speaking out.

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“I do see some resemblance to my former hairstyle — Justin’s is a current take on it,” Gosselin said to Cosmopolitan.com. The Kate Plus 8 reality star, who now rocks longer locks, added, “And it’s okay, he can have it!”

This all comes after Bieber posted an Instagram side-by-side of himself with Gosselin (which he later deleted), seemingly in an effort to poke fun at himself. "I love the fact that he’s willing to laugh at himself with this post because that shows signs of maturity," said the mom. "You have to be comfortable enough to take what people say about you and laugh. He did, and so thumbs up, Justin!"

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The best part of the comparison for Gosselin seems to be her daughters’ excitement about the whole thing. "My girls are beyond thrilled that he Instagrammed pics of us," she said. At least Biebs has still got it with the tweens