Kate Gosselin Ready to Start Dating; Says Kids Begging for a New Dad

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

New episodes of TLC's "Kate Plus Eight" start Monday at 9 p.m. ET.

Kate Gosselin in ready to start dating again.

In an interview with the Today show Monday, the divorced mother of eight said she's trying to come up with a way she can dip into the dating pool, "I'm definitely ready to start dating. I think there's a lot of obstacles for me. In all honesty, I talk to my best friend about wouldn't it be great if she could go around the country and collect suitable people because the odds of me sort of bumping into someone are rare.

"I have eight kids, I have a crazy work schedule, I'm known, so there are a lot of obstacles. It's sort of daunting."

Gosselin says her children are the biggest proponents of her quest to find a new man, "The kids on a daily basis are just begging for me to get married again. They bring it up all the time and I'm like, 'I'm not dating anyone.'"

Gosselin's reality television career began with her then-husband Jon in 2007 on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus Eight. The show received a new title (and lost a star) after the Gosselins broke up in 2009 after ten years and eight kids together.

New episodes of Kate Plus Eight start Monday night, and Gosselin says her adjustment to being a single mom is well documented on camera, "There's some real moments, these shows that are coming up are real and raw moments. I'm not going to lie. It's really settling in two years later being a single mom of eight kids. It's difficult. I have a lot of difficult moments and stressful moments and you're going to see it, the good, the bad and the ugly."

She insists that the show will go on despite rumors to the contrary, "There is a lot of talk about it and nobody's told me. There's been a lot of fans and supporters who have continued to watch us through good and through bad. I just have to take this opportunity to say thank you and we'll still be on TV as long as you're watching us."

As for how she handles being the focal point of so much attention, she admits, "Most of it, I just ignore. I have a really thick skin, I don't allow it to get to me. The things that I do see and read I turn around. People that say, 'You can't do this, you'll never do that,' -- I take it as a challenge."

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