This Is How Kate Hudson's 7-Inch Golden Globes Haircut Came About

Kate Hudson attends the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Award - H 2016
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It’s an A-line lob.

“How many girls do you know that the day of the Golden Globes will let you cut off seven inches of hair?” asks celebrity hairstylist David Babaii rhetorically. The beauty guru, who also works with Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, did just that to Kate Hudson hours before she walked the red carpet in an ab-baring sequined Michael Kors ensemble.

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“With Kate, there’s no planning things, we just go with the wind,” adds Babaii. “When I saw her dress, I had this vision of Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks and Sharon Stone in Casino. I was, like, if those two had a haircut and it was today, what would it be like — a dirty boho '70s, ‘80s chic A-line bob.” He told his longtime client — they met at the Globes 14 years ago, in fact — that he wanted to cut her hair, and she said, “Do it.”


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The Sassoon-trained stylist first cut a “really clean line” and then, “I was, like, enough with the cleanness and, like Edward Scissorhands, started cutting and chopping.” The back is chopped “way in” while the front is much longer. The idea, he says, was to keep it free and fun. That idea extended to the products used as well. Babaii isn’t typically a big fan of hair product, since it weighs locks down. But he made an exception for Pai-Shau Biphasic Infusion, which he applied on her damp hair to “literally bring the hair back to virgin quality.”

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That was important, since Hudson went lighter with her hair color just last night. “I said, ‘Let’s bring back circa 2005/2007 Kate Hudson!' " said Babaii. He blow-dried her hair with a GHD round brush and Air Hairdryer ($225), then used Pai-Shau Royal Abundance Mousse all over, “kind of crunched it in and rough dried it again with the blow-dryer.”

The last step: the GHD Platinum White Styler Flat Iron ($229.99), which Babaii used to twist random sections here and there. “I didn’t want that curling iron look, I wanted chaos, like a little bend here and there,” he said. To seal it all in, since the air outside is so damp, he finished with a spray of Pai-Shai Sublime Hold Hairspray for hold. Despite that, Babaii is not opposed to a little frizz. “Kate is a very free spirit, and with that million-dollar smile you don’t want to constrict her with a ‘do,’" he said. "With her, it’s about keeping it boho chic.”