Dress du Jour: Kate Mara Is Our Hero in a Leather LBD

Kate Mara - P 2015
AP Images

Kate Mara - P 2015

To call the 'Fantastic Four' star fierce would be an understatement.

The Dress: A black leather Valentino mini-dress with a single flat bow on the shoulder. 

The Wearer: Kate Mara, who makes up one-fourth of the Fantastic Four as the token badass female.

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The Event: The New York premiere of Fantastic Four at Williamsburg Cinemas on Tuesday evening. 

Why We Dig: She may play the Invisible Woman, a.k.a. Sue Storm, on film, but Mara was certainly a standout at Tuesday's red-carpet premiere. Her A-line leather getup, complete with pockets (!) and a wide, flat bow embellishment at the shoulder gave her the air of a stylish off-duty spy, while her '90s-inspired makeup, including a berry colored lip and subtle smokey eye, added sex-appeal to the loose-fitting frock. Even in their sleek suits, co-stars Jamie Bell, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan were no match for Mara.