'Tonight Show' Guests Kate McKinnon, Josh Brolin Impersonate Christopher Walken, Kim Kardashian, Others

Josh Brolin as Kim Kardashian — H 2016

The trio play a game of "first impressions."

Jimmy Fallon had Kate McKinnon and Josh Brolin on Tuesday's Tonight Show, and the three of them got together to play a game called, "first impressions," in which they each took turns impersonating people as the other contestants tried to guess who they were pretending to be.

"None of us do these impressions," said Fallon, referring to himself and Saturday Night Live's McKinnon, joking that they assume Brolin doesn't do any.

Brolin tried his hardest to impersonate Regis Philbin, adding clues along the way. To get McKinnon and Fallon to guess Kim Kardashian, he held up tissues to his backside as a prop. Jimmy Fallon said he was scared to impersonate Mike Tyson, but did so anyway. 

The clear winner of the night was Kate McKinnon, who was spot on with her Christopher Walken and Pee Wee Herman impersonations.