Kate Middleton Cuts Bangs, Causes International Royal Hair Sensation (POLL)

Kate Middleton Bangs Before After Split - H 2012
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Kate Middleton Bangs Before After Split - H 2012

The Duchess of Cambridge has cut angled youthful bangs, the first change in her royal hairstyle history. But will she keep them?

Few women who cut bangs get this level of attention. But most women are not married to a prince. 

Great Britain's top fashion trend-setter Kate Middleton debuted her royal new hairstyle -- flirty bangs -- at a visit to the Natural History Museum Treasures Gallery in London last night. She also wore her long shiny hair in barrel curls, thus emphasizing the brand new bangs.

Bangs are called 'fringe' in England and the British papers are already full of photos of the Duchess of Cambridge with her new look.  When she appeared today at Cambridge's Guildhall -- wearing a Max Mara coat -- her new bangs were buffeted about by strong winds causing them to blow in her face and eyes.

According to the Daily Mail, after an onlooker complimented her on her new look today, she replied. "I'm not so sure about it. It's a bit windy today!"

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This is the first serious change in Kate's hairstyle for many years and it's likely that either James Pryce or Richard Ward, both her longtime haircutters, did the work. She's known for a slightly off-center part and long hair that she can easily wear up — or tuck behind her ears, which she can no longer quite do.  

George Gonzalez, owner of George The Salon in Chicago, who has worked for Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Productions for 11 years, gives Kate's new fringe a thumbs up. And he should know since he was chosen by Refinery 29 as the Best Bang Trim in Chicago.

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"It was a good choice and it looks great on her," says Gonzalez. "Her bangs are soft enough to be incorporated into a longer hair style. She has a round face and the angled side bangs are perfect for her face shape. Plus she’s not married to it. The bangs allow her to still have long hair, put her hair up for formal events. And they're easy to grow out if she gets tired of them."

He anticipates Kate's bangs will create a lot of mainstream interest in the style. "It's an easy way for any woman to change her style, create a new youthful look. And in a season, you can be back to no bangs."

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Kate may miss tucking heir hair out of her eyes.  But in a few months, the fringe will have grown sufficiently to let her tuck again.

Tell us: What do you think of Kate Middleton's new bangs?