Kate Middleton Goes Native in Colorful Straw Skirt to Dance on the Island of Tuvalu

Getty Images

Ironically, the royal couple, aghast over topless paparazzi photos, has been confronted with many bare-breasted natives on the Diamond Jubilee Tour of the South Pacific.

Kate Middleton and Prince William boogied down doing the traditional welcome dance Fatel on the remote island of Tuvalu this week.

The island is reportedly one of the most remote places on the planet, but that didn’t stop the royal couple from celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee there.

Kate's been known to make impressive high fashion statements (Alexander McQueen, Jenny Packham, Stella McCartney) during her duties as the Duchess of Cambridge, though she opted for a different route on this visit. Kate was all smiles as she donned a colorful straw skirt to sway to the Soloman islanders music at a gathering of the island chiefs.

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The duchess mastered her fluid arms movements and jumped up several times to join the dancers. Will didn’t try out his Fatel moves until later in the evening. 

A few days earlier on another Soloman island, Kate wore a bright yellow, Jaeger dress and changed into a Mulberry dress for evening. The couple was presented with colorful beaded necklaces by topless native women of the village of Marau, which had to have reminded Kate (and William) about those embarrassing topless photos.

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But the good news for the couple is that the French courts have prohibited any further publication of those intrusive paparazzi photos, opened a criminal probe against Closer magazine and the photographer is being sought by the authorities.  The British newspaper The Sun even printed the headline "Find Le Rat."

But back to the Tuvalu party: Another custom associated with the royals' welcome party is that as guests, they must spray perfume  on the dancers they like to show respect and gratitude. Kate and William liberally spritzed the performers with Paul Smith of London for Men.

So we gotta ask, is that the cologne that Prince William wears himself? Or did he pick it up in Duty Free?