Kate Middleton Scores a Field Hockey Goal Wearing Bright Coral Skinny Jeans

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge was a real eye-catcher in a pair of J. Brand jeans as she played with the British Olympic team.

Kate Middleton is a self-confessed field hockey fan, having played in her school days. So as part of her role as an Olympic ambassador, she paid a visit this week to the Olympic Park to knock the ball around with Great Britain's women’s hockey squad.

She arrived in coral skin-tight jeans, blue heels and a matching blue blazer but changed into a sweatshirt and Addidas (kept on the skinny jeans) for her match. Referencing her outfit on the bright pink and blue court, she noted: "The colour of the pitch is, well, eye-catching. My trousers really clash!

The self-effacing Duchess of Cambridge confessed: "The last time I played was 2005, maybe. It feels like I haven't held a stick for 10 years. This is going to be so embarrassing. My brain thinks I can do all these wonderful things but my body just doesn't play ball."

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It’s worth noting that the men’s and women’s British teams are ranked 4th in the world.  And even in those skinny jeans, Kate managed to score a goal. Not only that, but her J Brand 811 mid-rise twill skinny jeans are also setting a colorful denim trend. The coral jeans are available for $169 in the U.S. and are described on the Neiman Marcus website thusly:

"J Brand Jeans takes your look beyond the blue in these covetable colored twill jeans. Updated with a slightly higher rise, the 811 fits slim and tucks easily into boots with no bunching.will add a splash of bold colour to your wardrobe."