Kate Middleton Set to Become World's Most Talked-About Woman

A new study predicts the royal bride-to-be will soon overtake Princess Diana as the most popular woman in the global media.

Kate Middleton is set to become the most talked-about woman in the world, according to a study released Sunday by the Global Language Monitor.

Based on recent media citations, the study predicts that Middleton, who will wed Prince William April 29, will soon surpass Princess Diana as the star of the leading global media sites.

"Kate Middleton is set to eclipse Princess Di as the media star of the royal family," Paul JJ Payack, president of the social analytics company, told Reuters. "In fact, Kate could surpass all Internet, social media, and global print and electronic media citations by the time the royal wedding-related stories are compiled."

Using an algorithm that picks up buzzwords, the study compared the number of mentions Middleton has received in print and electronic media and on social media over the past three months with other royal figures, including Diana, Queen Elizabeth and William.

Data revealed that Middleton's media popularity trumped that of the other British royals. Her fiance, William, came in second, followed by his mother, Diana.