Kelly Osbourne Defends Kate Middleton, Slams French Magazine for Topless Photos

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images; Mark Large/Getty Images

UPDATED: The E! "Fashion Police" co-host derides the publication "Closer" as "disgusting" for publishing images of the Duchess on vacation.

Kelly Osbourne is rushing to Kate Middleton's defense after a French magazine published topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge on vacation.

"I feel so sorry for #KateMiddleton it's disgusting what that French mag did to her!" the E! Fashion Police co-host tweeted on Friday, prompting a torrent of retweets.

STORY: Topless Pictures of Kate Middleton Published in French Magazine

The publication in question, Closer, is under fire for printing photos snapped while Middleton was sunbathing at the French chateau of the Queen's nephew, Lord Linley.

The magazine's editor, Laurence Pieau, defended the decision to publish the long lens images images, describing them as a "beautiful series." Meanwhile, the U.K. edition of Closer issued a statement saying it would never use the shots, and clarifying that its French counterpart is printed under license by another firm and both magazines make editorial decisions independently.

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Britain's Daily Telegraph reported that Middleton and Prince William had reacted with "anger and disbelief," while both The Guardian and The Independent said Middleton was "saddened" by the violation of her privacy.

CNN's Piers Morgan also weighed in on Twitter, tongue firmly in cheek: "Current percentage of 'outraged, disgusted, deeply offended' people currently scouring internet for Kate topless pix? I'd guess at 99.999%."