Behold: Woman With Pearl Earring Gazes at 'Girl With Pearl Earring'

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge views Vermeer - H - 2016
Arthur Edwards - Pool/Getty Images

Life imitating art.

It was a dreary day in October in the Netherlands when they met.

The woman, an English visitor by the name of Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wore a tailored lilac skirt suit by Catherine Walker. Her minimalist accessory of choice? A serendipitous pair of pearl earrings.

The occasion for her visit was a solo encounter with King Wilhelm-Alexander as well as a tour of the local scene. However, it was whilst she was carrying out said duties and exploring the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague that she came across The Girl — yes, the one With a Pearl Earring.

Their eyes met and lingered on one another. Game recognized game, and paparazzi photographers recognized the lucrative meta moment: A woman and a girl — separated by centuries, cultures and that intangible divide between the living and the suckered-into-posing-for-a-portrait-by-Johannes Vermeer — each wearing a nearly identical pair of pearl earrings.

Sometimes, life imitates art. (And sometimes, life is just a photo op too good to pass up.)