Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs Are Calling You Basic

AP Images
Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss at the 2012 Rizzoli launch of the book 'Kate Moss'.

The designer posted a fun video from their night out in Rome.

It looks like Kate Moss and buddy Marc Jacobs got a little silly last night in Rome. On the heels of the model’s rare filmed interview with Nick Knight, the pair — along with Moss’ husband Jamie Hince — had a night out, which the designer documented on his Instagram.


A video posted by Marc Jacobs (@themarcjacobs) on

The highlight? A video tribute to the popular 2012 YouTube clip from Lohanthony titled "Calling All the Basic Bitches." In it, the fashion power players twirl their right legs in the air before Moss says, "I have an announcement," and then together they whisper, "You’re basic."

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In it, the supermodel wears a dark shades and a short black dress, showing off her gorgeous gams. In his caption, Jacobs made sure to point out it was her idea. There’s no telling what other trouble the pair got into last night — maybe they binge watched other YouTube sensations. But one thing is for sure: These two are most definitely not basic.