Kate Upton Goes From Sports Illustrated to Slinky Lingerie to Southwest Patty Melts

Companies are aiming directly at a young male target market by using this sexy swimsuit model. Shocking, isn't it?

Kate Upton, the voluptuous blonde best known her appearances in the 2011 and '12 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues (the latter of which she appeared on the cover), has become the internet’s latest viral sensation.

And now she’s also a hot commercial actress, hawking fast food, a sporty clothing company called ZooYork, Sobe Water and DirecTV (while wearing very little clothing) to that all important young male demographic. She just landed a multi-year contract with Skullcandy, which sells male-oriented items from headphones, belts, beanies and IPhone cases to sports clothing, backpacks and home brew kits.

She also appears in a Brigitte Bardot-esque Guess lingerie commercial that's so hot all we can do is link to it on her official website. And if you want to check out the new ZooYork commercial that has been personally given an enticing new ending by Kate, click here. Pure genius.

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Following in the footsteps of reality stars Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, Upton's commercial for Carl’s Jr. (and on the East coast, Hardee's) promoted their new spicy Southwest Patty Melt. Her ad, titled Drive-In, coincidentally aired on TV and YouTube right after her SI cover hit the stands -- no doubt much to the company's delight. 

In Upton's new DirecTV commercial, she wears a skimpy blue floral bikini on a white sand beach, with crystal blue water behind her, staring seductively at the camera. Her only line is seven words long: 'Go get DirectTV. Right now. I'll wait.' 

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Then she runs her hands thorugh her hair, and coquettishly hides behind a tree. How this will make anyone want to subscribe to DirecTV is beyond us. But we're not Madison Avenue marketing geniuses.

With all this pure talent, it's only a matter of time before Kate Upton ends up on Dancing with the Stars.  And just in case you are one of the few people in the civilized world who missed her commercials, here's a treat for for you:

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