Kate Upton Recreated "Real" Versions of Her V Mag Photos for Instagram

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Kate Upton

Because no, she didn't wake up like that.

Kate Upton may be a supermodel, but she wants the world to know that she's not always as put together as her high fashion editorials make her out to be. 

The Sports Illustrated swim model took to Instagram to give her followers a glimpse of "reality" juxtaposed with photos from her profile in V Magazine's spring issue. "Reality v High Fashion," she wrote of an image in which she's seen relaxing in a kitchen in a frilly pink frock cropped next to a more candid shot of the 23-year-old vacuuming her own kitchen in an old tee and leggings. 

There's been a bit of a trend lately of Instagram stars disavowing social media, calling the platform "fake" and claiming that it gives young people unrealistic expectations. Though Upton's take is a bit more playful, it's good to know that even a woman hailed as a sex symbol looks slobbish in sweats while in bed with her dog every now and again.


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A photo posted by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on



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