Kate Upton Wants To Move From Cheesecake Modeling to High-Fashion Catwalks (Video)

"Vogue" predicts that the buxom "Sports Illustrated" cover girl will bring sexy back to the runways.

Kate Upton’s photo spread in the July issue of GQ is quite the hit. So now the mag is releasing some shots that didn’t make it into the print edition.

These photos, snapped by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, are being dubbed "outtakes" but they’re still pretty darn hot bikini shots of the sexy Hardee's commercial star.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl spoke to GQ about her modeling skills. "It's like any job," she said. "You find your strengths and play them up."

VIDEO: Kate Upton Stars in Terry Richardson's 'Baywatch' Parody

The big question for Upton is whether she can make the move from YouTube notoriety and internet fox fame onto the high fashion runways, from which she could eventually land lucrative luxury brand contracts.

The answer depends on whom you ask. This week, a fashion blogger for the website Skinny Gossip called Kate Upton a "cow," a "squishy brick” and "well-marbled." Here's a snippet of their remarks on her runway walk: "Yes, it’s the lovely Kate Upton, confidently lumbering up a runway like there’s a buffet at the end of it."

We take this blogger's criticism with a large grain of salt since the blog regularly calls out celebrities for being "overweight" -- Lindsay Lohan in her Playboy spread and Paris Hilton in a bikini, among others -- and constantly praises models who are underweight.

Thankfully, not everyone feels this way. In a recent profile in Vogue, the magazine positions the web-lebrity as "bringing sexy back" to fashion runways, and predict she  can make the move from cheesecake poses to the catwalks.

Vogue writes: "She may be arriving at exactly the right moment. Is it any wonder that industry insiders, having withstood an army of dissolute Goths on recent runways, where every second model looked like she was auditioning for Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth Salander role, find themselves craving a bit of sunshine?"

Upton recently wore a Michael Kors silver gown to the 2012 Metropolitan Costume Gala, her first big luxury fashion event. And Kors tells Vogue that he sees no reason why the buxom blonde can’t do runway, which he calls "the best casting for designers and editors."

"When I cast a show, I’m not looking for robots," he explains. "I don’t want to see the same size or coloring or proportions. I want personality! We went from big personalities on the runway to no personalities — now I think we’re ready for a blend.”

He continued: "I think we have a new generation of designers who don’t understand why a Sports Illustrated model can’t be in the mix. I do think the old rules are tumbling."

Actually, the old rules tumbled a long time ago. SI cover model Christie Brinkley was never a skinny mini. Neither was busty swimsuit Cheryl Tiegs, who also modeled in high fashion magazines, along with Lauren Hutton.

Upton has also modeled lingerie for Guess, which – in case you’ve forgotten -- helped launch Claudia Schiffer’s runway model career. Schiffer initially took flack for her klutzy runway moves on the Chanel runway in Paris in the early ‘90s. But it didn’t stop her rise to supermodel stardom.

We liken Upton's physical appeal to that of voluptuous Mad Men star Christina Hendricks. Sure, they have more shape than most actresses or models. But isn’t there room on TV and the runway for all shapes and sizes? Who wants a cookie-cutter world? 

Right now, Upton is a huge draw at the Beach Bunny swimwear show in Miami during the bi-annual Miami Swim Week, now in full swing. (Hey, it’s a runway and she’s working it.)

Check out this Beach Bunny runway video to see her curvaceous catwalk moves - and tell us in the comments what you think about the Kate Upton fat attack.