Kate Walsh Reveals 4 Favorite Women-Founded Brands for International Women's Day

Boyfriend -Kate Walsh- Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy Boyfriend

The actress and beauty mogul shares her favorite fragrance, skincare products, ballet classes and fashion staples.

Kate Walsh is celebrating International Women's Day on Sunday by highlighting her four favorite female-founded lifestyle brands that make living in New York City that much better. 

The Emily in Paris and 13 Reasons Why actress has learned about entrepreneurship firsthand. She founded her own beauty company, Boyfriend, which she relaunched in 2017 as her own distributor of her signature musky-sweet perfume. And it's paying off — her revenue has more than doubled (up 117 percent) since 2018. 

Here, Walsh explains her self-care products and selects her most-beloved offerings from three fellow businesswomen: ballerina and workout instructor Mary Helen Bowers, London-born fashion designer Jane Mayle and Hollywood skincare master Joanna Vargas (who prepped Greta Gerwig, Mindy Kaling, Tessa Thompson, Ellen Pompeo and Catherine O'Hara on Oscars night this year).

1. Boyfriend 

Perfume ($65)

"After a breakup, I missed the smell of my partner's scent mixed with mine — the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. So I created it! With top notes of Dark Plum and Myrrh, mid notes of Night Blooming Jasmine, a Woody Vanilla and base notes of Musk (vegan), Golden Amber, Patchouli and Cistus Absolute, this Boyfriend is the only one you need! People loved it so much, we recently made it into a candle!"

Hand & Body Creme ($19)

"Two words: 'Colloidal oatmeal.' That is the magical ingredient that I made sure was included. This is a high-grade formula that's also enriched with hyaluronic acid, mango seed butter and sunflower seed oil. The best!"

2. Joanna Vargas

Daily Hydrating Cream ($75)

"The cream goes on like silk and smells delightful."

Rejuvenating Serum ($100)

"The serum is addictive (it's the same one her salon uses for their triple-crown facial). I layer these together to keep my skin super-hydrated."

3. Mary Helen Bowers

Ballet Beautiful classes in New York (online for $39.99 a month)

"This is an amazing workout that perfectly embodies art and fitness. Mary Helen's classes have also helped with my posture, creating long lean lines with a super feminine silhouette."

4. Maison Mayle 

Fashion pieces (prices vary)

"I love everything she creates. Her designs perfectly mix old vintage with a modern twist. Her pieces are sexy, flirty and versatile — making it easy to go from day and night when I'm running around NYC."