Kate Winslet on 'Steve Jobs': "I Knew It Was Going to Be a Very, Very Unique Experience" — Actress Oscar Roundtable

"The rehearsal was so beneficial that it’s really made me rethink what happens next."

"It absolutely was [a unique experience]," making Steve Jobs, actress Kate Winslet tells The Hollywood Reporter, "because of the construction of it. It's written in three acts. The only way to do that was to fully rehearse it like a play and absolutely learn it as such."

"We wouldn't have been able to retain that dialogue, I don't think, and to feel free with it, if we hadn't drummed it in and really drilled it, the way that we did with rehearsal," says Winslet. "We had 10 full days of rehearsal for each act. Then we would stop rehearsing and go and shoot it. Then production would stop, and we'd go back into a rehearsal room and do the next act."

"You get all the mistakes out of the way because the time you walk onto the set, we were already on performance 70."

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