Kate Winslet's Best Actress Oscar Lives in Her Bathroom

Kate Winslet - H 2015
AP Images

The 'Steve Jobs' star opened up about her post-baby body and her Oscar statue's unusual home.

In a new interview with WSJ. Magazine, the notoriously private Kate Winslet proudly discusses her ability to keep her personal life — including her three marriages as well as her children — out of the public eye. But there's one rather intimate tidbit of information she didn't have a problem sharing. 

Her Best Actress Oscar statue, which she won in 2008 for her role in The Reader, lives in her bathroom — meaning, the next time you find yourself in Winslet's bathroom, you, too, can practice your fake acceptance speech. 

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"The whole point is for everybody to pick it up and go, ‘I’d like to thank my son and my dad’ — and you can always tell when someone has, because they’re in there a little bit longer after they flushed. They’ll come out looking slightly pink-cheeked. It’s hysterical.”

The actress, who stars as Joanna Hoffman in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic alongside Michael Fassbender, also opened up about toning down her bold blond beauty look for the role as Jobs' right-hand woman. 

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"I threw on this short, dark-haired wig, took all the makeup off my face, took a photograph and sent it — with no subject, nothing," she remarked. The get-up, which she put together with the help of her husband, Ned Rocknroll, made her completely unrecognizable to Steve Jobs director, Danny Boyle.

The 39-year-old also took the interview as an opportunity to address those that have been buzzing about her post-baby body. "I want to comment on the fact that experts are saying that I’ve had Botox? I just get irritated by that shit," she says, saying that the claims are "100 percent not true." As for her baby weight, she adds, "it’s f—ing 18 months later. Of course I’m going to get back at some point.”