Katherine Jackson, TJ Jackson's Co-Guardianship of Michael Jackson’s Children Finalized by Judge

Katherine Jackson TJ Jackson Split - H 2012
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Katherine Jackson TJ Jackson Split - H 2012

The family matriarch says that there could be instances that would require her 34-year-old nephew to have legal authority over Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket.

A judge on Wednesday officially finalized the co-guardianship agreement of Michael Jackson’s children, with their grandmother Katherine Jackson, 82, and cousin TJ Jackson, 34, sharing responsibilities, CBS reports.

The decision finalizes an agreement put in place earlier this month after Katherine Jackson was removed and then reinstated as the children’s permanent guardian, following a dramatic series of events that found Katherine Jackson at a spa in Arizona where her grandchildren were allegedly unable to reach her.

During the family squabble and media frenzy that surrounded her absence, TJ Jackson was granted temporary guardianship of Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket.

Katherine Jackson stated that she supports having TJ Jackson as a co-guardian, revealing that she has often relied on his help in raising the three young children.

STORY: Katherine Jackson Reinstated as Co-Guardian of Michael Jackson's Children

“I am, and have been, very close with my grandson TJ and have relied on him to help me raise Prince, Paris and Blanket since the death of their father,” she said. “While I was away, I assumed that (the children) would be secure and safe in the hands of the person who had essentially been acting as an informal co-guardian on many matters with me since my appointment as guardian.”

The Jackson family matriarch also said that she realizes there are certain instances that would require her nephew to have legal authority over the trio in order to ensure their welfare.

“This realization is the reason I support TJ’s continuation as a temporary co-guardian … and to serve alone as guardian if there ever becomes a time that I can no longer serve with him as co-guardian,” she said.