These are Kathryn Hahn's Favorite Restaurants in New York and L.A.

PRETA Kathryn Hahn - H 2015
Amy Dickerson

PRETA Kathryn Hahn - H 2015

For the very first installment of Pret-a-Reporter's new look at all things food, we caught up with 'Happyish' star Kathryn Hahn to talk coffee, movie night milkshakes and the art of perfecting a mean bowl of bacon spaghetti.

Welcome to Pret-a-Reporter's very first installment of "Bites," our new column that highlights the edible consumption habits of Hollywood and music's biggest tastemakers. Bon appetit

On a recent sun-soaked day in the cool, east L.A. enclave of Silver Lake, Kathryn Hahn is enjoying a late afternoon lunch of salmon and brown rice from Forage, the Sunset Junction eatery that residents lovingly refer to as the "Joan's on Third of the East Side." In between interviews and photo shoots, the Transparent and Happyish star sat down with Pret-a-Reporter to dish on all things edible. 

On Coffee:

I drink a ton of coffee. I take it with a little bit of almond or soy milk, usually almost always iced. Even in New York City I’m such a Californian now that even when I was in New York over the summer I would get an iced Americano.

On an ideal day of eating (and drinking) from morning till night:

Wake up, enormous Stumptown iced coffee, big glass of water. I would go to Square One Dining on Fountain, It’s the same people who do the little boat house cafe in Echo Park. It’s such good food and they are such awesome people. I would have one of their amazing omelets and their fruit salad is so good. I would get French Toast for the table and have a lot of it.

For lunch, there’s a place called Coffee + Food on Melrose across from Paramount Studios, and when I was doing Transparent last year we all fell in love with their kale salad, and they have this lentil patty with homemade tahini sauce which I know sounds gross but it’s so good.

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Sometimes I stop there on the way home get stuff to go for the kids for dinner because they have lasagna and stuff you can heat up at home. It’s such good food. It’s around the corner from Café Gratitude, or Café Fartittude as we like to call it.

Then I would love a Pimm’s Cupp or some kind of late afternoon 4:00 awesome Southern kind of cocktail with some really good crudité, and then we’d order in amazing Italian food for dinner.

On refrigerator staples:

Milk, iced coffee, my husband loves sake so a couple bottles of cold sake, I love my rosé, some random juices from different places, apple sauce and yogurts for the kids, some kind of stinky cheeses for mommy. Berries, always berries.

On the household go-to quick dinner recipe:

I grew up in Ohio and this was a staple in my house. It might sound vile to some people but my children really love it: something called "bacon spaghetti." Basically, a cheesy, buttery, bacon, parsley pasta, like a child version of carbonara. Sometimes we do turkey bacon.

The other thing I do that the kids love is a s’mores milkshake.

We’re really into fancy milkshakes with popcorn for movie night. We’ll roast marshmallows and put them in a milkshake with graham crackers.

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On the ideal last meal:

There’s this restaurant in Ojai, The Ranch House, that we go to that would be my last restaurant meal. Homemade bread with lavender butter … it’s so beautiful, you sit in their herb garden and they take herbs and press them into the butter for your bread, and the best wine. So dreamy.

On three ingredients that are always in the kitchen:

Honey, sea salt, olive oil

On pizza toppings:

Eggplant is so gross. And any kind of fish. Keep it off of my pizza, guys.

On childhood favorites:

My mom would make something called the "Bunker special" — Bunker is her maiden name. Piece of toast, peanut butter and brown sugar on top, put it in the broiler and the brown sugar gets really crunchy. It’s so awesome in Ohio with a big glass of milk. They grow 'em hearty in Ohio and not lactose intolerant.

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On favorite restaurants, coast-to-coast:

In New York, Cookshop, The Red Cat in Chelsea. In Los Angeles, Alimento. I also love Jar, Lucques still my favorite — that garden is so chic — the new AOC is beautiful, L&E Oyster is awesome, Messhall, Speranza is probably my favorite. There’s so many other ones!

On kitchen background noise:

NPR or usually if my daughter is around there’s Katy Perry playing on a loop. "Roar" in particular, which is my least favorite Katy Perry song.

On cooking and fashion:

I cook totally in the nude. Just kidding. But I don't wear shoes. 

On good cocktails: 

I like a Moscow mule — we’re  always on a hunt for new fancy ginger beers. Or a vodka soda.

On learning to cook:

My mom tried [to teach me]. My husband is an amazing cook and is absolutely the cook in the family. I like to bake — banana bread, bread, pie crusts. I like the science of it, how specific the measurements are. I’m trying Blue Apron next week so I’m curious to see how that will be.

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On the first mess:

I remember making bread with my mom, who is an amazing cook and baker. That’s such an early memory, waiting for the dough to rise and feeling it warm under a cloth. Having a piece of hearty, dark dark dark (we're Irish-German from Ohio, so it was dark dark dark, hearty bread), fresh, warm bread with honey and butter on it. The best.

On your ideal three dinner guests, living or dead, and the menu served there: 

I feel like I should say the other three people in my family — my husband and my two children and we would order pizza from Tomato Pie and that would be perfect.

On the best food-related movie scene of all time:

Babette’s Feast and Big Night. I see the poster for that movie and I smell garlic.